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Biomass Screening & Grading

The LMS2 Trommel (Rotary) Biomass Screening System

LMS2 Trommel System Rotary View of Trommel System Trommel Biomass Screening System

This system is designed for efficiency and durability. All our trommel screeners come with the following industry leading conveying and screening options as standard:

  • All belt in-feed and out-feed system (no augers to clog) Ideal for abrasive materials, this adds years of life to the screener.
  • Custom sized screeners and feed system depending on material and flow requirements.
  • Laser cut custom screens made of 4mm thick high-grade steel, from 8mm up our screens are designed to last screen diameter from 3 ft to 5.5 ft.
  • (CSA/UL) VFD Control of screener and geared in-feed control to the screener from the feed unit guarantee seamless screening.
  • Large multi-directional out-feed conveyors to fit your building or facility needs.
  • Premium gear-driven high-efficiency motors (UL/CSA) Certification and control systems.
  • Multiple stage screens available and additional lengths.
  • One-Year warranty on non-wear items.

Our LMS2 Screener (ideal for sorting centers or compost facilities) is capable of screening the following items:

  • Soil/Substrate
  • Grains and other Items
  • Woody Biomass
  • Small stones/Rocks
  • MSW
  • Sawdust
  • Plastics
  • Paper Waste

The screen sizes can be adjusted accordingly, and three sizes can be screened in one pass. All our V2 systems come with a 2- or 5-tonne pre-feeder and one or two out-feed conveyors depending on the application. The unit has a self-cleaning brush and VFD (Variable speed control) of the trommel screen for slower or faster revolution of the screen.