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Hay-Straw-Feed Solutions

We are farmers - we get it!

The owners of Kovo Novak own and operate their own family farms so we get farming! We can build small-scale custom mixers and pellet mills to allow you to customize your own feeds, fertilizers, and bedding. Please email us with your request and we can custom design and build you a system that fits your farm's needs.

Ready Biomass Pellets

We offer turnkey pellet mills and hammer mills, bale grinders, mixers, and other equipment for pelletizing grass and other farm products. Our unique systems allow you to produce high-quality fuel, feed, bedding, or fertilizer pellets with minimal effort using existing grass or straw bales and waste such as chicken or turkey litter.

Each of our systems is designed with the operator in mind. We have various grinding options such as hammer mills as well as bale processors for different grass types. We also have the equipment needed to produce the perfect burning pellet such as moisture injection units built in for regulation of correct moisture levels and an auxiliary hopper for blending in dry binding additives to help low lignin woody grass pelletize or materials like gypsum, zeolite, or kaolin into grass fuel pellets. Such blending can reduce the 'slagging' or 'clinkers' associated at times with such fuels. These additives are also used in bedding materials for lowering the acidity levels.

Kovo Novak has extensive knowledge of pelleting straight cereal grasses and other grass types with or without mixed components. These mixtures and our many years of experience from both North America and Europe are critical to our success


Fertilizer Pellets

Poultry litter pellets made in a 3-mm size crumble are ideal for spreading on fields or bagging as a retail product. Other manures such as horse, cattle, sheep, etc. can be made into high-value fertilizer for you your litter pelleting needs.

Bedding Pellets

You can put 100% wheat-straw bedding through our patented system. First, the straw is put through a hammer mill and then pelletized to a soft bedding pellet that has a cracked surface to absorb moisture very quickly. When cereal straws are pelletized in this way, they are 3 x more absorbent than standard straw bedding and twice as absorbent as shavings or sawdust.

Vacant Spot for Bedding Pellets and Fertilizer Pellets

Feed Pellets

Create your own premium blended feed pellets, alfalfa pellets, hay pellets, and cubes. Pro-biotics and pre-biotics can be added because our system does not depend on steam for pelleting. Quality alfalfa pellets start with quality bales (whether large or small square bales or round bales) and quality processing equipment. Kovo Novak work with you from the grinding to the packaging of feed pellets. We have the turnkey solutions for your farm for bulk bags or small bags for retail sales.

Ask any farmer investing in livestock today, and they will tell you that the bulk of their costs are buying quality feeds. Often the feed pellets they buy are not the best quality.

High-quality pelleted feed is important to maximize the growth rate and feed efficiency of many types of livestock. From feed for fowl such as chickens and ducks to feed for rabbits, sheep, goats, cattle, and equines, our systems give you control over what goes into the pellets and what size are made. From 2 mm for fish feeds up to 14 mm cube pellets, our systems can produce blended pellets of superb quality.

Bale Processing Unit Processed Pellets

This is a typical Kovo Novak round or square bale processing facility, from bales to pellets. This one 30-hp mill can produce around 1 tonne every 2 hours. A second unit can be integrated for greater production. The set up can handle hay and alfalfa for feed applications or cereal straws for fuel and bedding applications.


Advantages Of Making Your Own Feed Pellets With A Novak System

Ingredient Control

Make sure you're feeding the best quality ingredients with the protein, fat and nutrient levels your animals need.

Fines Free Pelleting

One issue with commercially bought bulk feed is the fines. Our systems eliminate this problem. The pellet integrity when using our mills is second to none.

Raw Materials to Finished Pellet Products

Batch Production

Our systems allow for small or large batches of feeds to be made at one time, saving you money on wasted or spoiled unused feeds.

Ease Of Use

Our systems are easy to use and come with full training and set up.

Blend & Go

Our systems allow you to add molasses and liquid nutrients directly into the feed.