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Pellet Mill Types

Turnkey Pellet Mills For Industrial Applications

Our flat die technology allows for more variance in feedstock (up to 30% moisture for fertilizer feedstocks), maximum output to energy, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Couple this with our knowledge of ranges of dies and free installation and set up at your facility and you can see why no one beats Kovo Novak. 

Triple-Head Roller System

Our new triple-head roller system for our 40- and 80-hp LM models.

We currently have five models of the pellet mill system from 10 hp to 100 hp. Each system comes as a turnkey pelleting unit that features our patented cast-back system that sends all fines back to the main hopper to be re-pelleted. All larger systems also include the following:

  • Feed Hopper With Anti-Bridge Mixer
  • Specialized Floating Rollers.
  • Screening System To Remove Fines
  • Mixing/Conditioning Arm With Moisture Injector
  • Main Feed Auger
  • Cooling Drum With Integrated Vacuum
  • Pellet Press With Steam-Capture Chamber

Additional conveyors, specialist cooling conveyors or bagging systems can be made to order.


BN (Bonsai) Industrial Small Mill

  • 10-hp premium efficient 3-phase motor.
  • Micro-dosing pump for moisture control.
  • Finest European specifications with high-grade steel.
  • Heat-treated, German steel rollers & dies (custom dies for various materials).
  • Floating rollers for optimum pressure & temperature control.
  • Moisture injection port for easy control of moisture to the mill head.
  • Control board with amp meter for ease of production.
  • In-built feed hopper with adjustable feed rate 'fill-n-go' no manual feeding!
  • Anti-bridge sweep inside hopper to prevent clogging & bridging of materials.
  • Handheld moisture meter for moisture control of feedstock.
  • Quality Japanese high-heat bearings.
  • Instruction manual & detailed pelleting guide.
  • Industry-leading Bonfiglioli gear reducer with high heat Viton seals & pressure release valve.

Bonsai Industrial Small Mill

Bonsai Industrial Small Mill